During the reporting period five Working Papers have been published on topics ranging from social innovation in Indigenous enterprises, to innovation in Nairobi tech hubs, to the gender gap in intellectual property.

We also helped to put out a special thematic issue of The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), featuring six peer-reviewed articles based on Open AIR research. Several of our researchers published book chapters and even books, with a preference for open access.

  • Our core Open AIR outputs are:
  • Books: 3
  • Book Chapters: 14
  • Journal Articles: 21
  • Working Papers: 4
  • Briefing Paper/Note: 1
  • Presentations: 41
  • Media/Blogs: 75
  • Coverage/Commentary/Review: 4
  • Awards and Recognition: 9
  • Invited Lectures: 2
  • Interview/Podcast: 13
  • Videos: 2
  • Report: 1
  • Other: 3

For more recent outputs please look on our website. There are also many other indirectly related outputs from our hubs and members that can be found on their websites and Twitter feeds. A complete listing in on our site, and here are some highlights:

Nicole Tumaine & Jeremy de Beer
“Innovation in Refugee Economies: Supporting Intermediaries that Embrace Informality”, in J. Charmes (ed.), Research Handbook on Development and the Informal Economy

Arthur Gwagwa, Isaac Rutenberg & Melissa Omino
“Use and Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa”, in W.L. Filho et al. (eds.), African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

Nagla Rizk
“Artificial Intelligence and Inequality in the Middle East: The Political Economy of Inclusion”, in M.D. Dubber et al. (eds.), The Oxfprd Handbook of Ethics of AI

Chidi Oguamanam
“COVID-19 and Africa:
Does “One Size Fit All” in Public Health Intervention?”
in C.M. Flood et al. (eds.), Vulnerable: The Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19

Jeremy de Beer et al.
“Open Innovation in Africa: Current Realities, Future Scenarios, and Scalable Solutions”, in M.L. Smith & R.K Seward (eds.), Making Open Development Inclusive: Lessons from IDRC Research

Jeremy de Beer
“Open Innovation in Development: Integrating Theory and Practice across Open Science, Open Access, and Open Data”, in M.L. Smith & R.K Seward (eds.), Making Open Development Inclusive: Lessons from IDRC Research