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Recognizing Africa’s role in the global knowledge economy.
Focal Topic

Gender Equality


Open AIR Expert

Erika Kraemer-Mbula

Associate Professor at University of Johannesburg


Gender inequality remains the reality in every country. Women and girls are often marginalized from social, economic, and political processes—in developed and developing countries alike—although each woman in each country experiences marginalization differently. Including and targeting women and girls in development greatly increases the likelihood of an initiative’s success.

The Open AIR network is helping researchers put gender concerns at the forefront of every stage in their projects, from planning to implementation. We believe, and studies have shown, that gender awareness contributes to more effective research and development outcomes. Many inequalities are latent, camouflaged by the idea that academic and workplace policies are “gender neutral”.

Open AIR is integrating gendered perspectives into our research through partners and affiliated researchers and in the overall approach we take towards research. At a high level, we want to empower women by giving them agency. And, agency means that women and men “participate actively in bringing about social change and gender equality,” (Buskens & Primo 2010; Thas & Ramilo 2011). There is no one-right way to integrate gendered perspectives into research.

For more information on what Open AIR is doing in terms of Gender, please see our Publications.


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