Authored by: Sherif Jamel and Nagla Rizk
Download: ICT strategy development: from design to implementation case of Egypt

Information and communication technology (ICT) is continuously setting the pace for a changing, competitive and dynamic global marketplace and representing an enabling platform for business and socioeconomic development. The impact of ICT adoption, diffusion and adoption can go well beyond being a state-of the-art infrastructure; it can have concrete impact on development. ICT strategy development from start to finish, from design to implementation should cater to the different needs of the community whether it is societal, economic, business and political with an aim to realize universal access to optimize the impact in terms of scalability and sustainability. Building the ICT infrastructure and infostructure will not realize quantum leaps in the development process unless it is coupled with concrete projects and initiatives that engage the society at large with its multiple stakeholders from public, private, government and civil society organizations irrespective of their locations whether urban or remote, gender or background. This chapter describes the evolution of the ICT sector in Egypt with an emphasis on national ICT strategy development across its different design and implementation phases as an integral element of Egypt’s overall development process within the context of an emerging economy.

Suggested Citation:

Kamel, Sherif & Rizk, Nagla. (2017). ICT Strategy Development from Design to Implementation Case of Egypt. 239-257.