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Luci Abrahams


Luci Abrahams is Director of the Wits University LINK (Learning, Information, Networking, Knowledge) Centre, a public interest research and teaching unit that focuses on social and economic change with respect to information and communication technologies (ICTs), the network economy, and the information society. The Centre’s work covers eDevelopment, eGovernance, open access to knowledge (A2K) in the Internet age, and ICT policy, regulation and governance. Abrahams conducts research on institutions and economic sectors in the network/knowledge economy, and teaches on global trends and ICT policy/regulation for the Wits Master of Arts in ICT Policy and Regulation.

Abrahams has served on a number of public sector boards in South Africa, including the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI), the National Research Foundation (NRF), and the Financial and Fiscal Commission.

She joined Open AIR at its inception in 2011, and the LINK Centre that she directs managed two of the projects that fed into Open AIR: the 2005-06 Commons-Sense Project, and the 2007-11 African Copyright and Access to Knowledge (ACA2K) network. The LINK Centre journal, The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), publishes Thematic Issues on A2K and knowledge governance themes.

Abrahams is currently completing her PhD at Wits, holds a BSc in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Cape Town (UCT), and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Development Administration from Wits. She has also attended the Global Faculty Development Programme at the Wharton School, Pennsylvania, with a focus on scholarly publishing.