This report, Regulation for Innovation: Conceptualising a Development Research Agenda for Inclusive and Sustainable Economies in Lower-Income Countries, scopes and builds towards a new research agenda on the regulation of innovation. Grounded in the findings of a 2021-22 Open AIR Scoping Study funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the report supports the development of a collaborative research programme to improve the regulation of innovations in priority areas including health, the digital economy, and clean technology.

The report is authored by the Open AIR Steering Committee members who conducted the Scoping Study: Jeremy de Beer, Caroline Ncube, Chidi Oguamanam, Nagla Rizk and Tobias Schonwetter.

In its treatment of regulation, the report primarily considers marketplace framework laws and policies, including those pertaining to intellectual property, competition, communications, investment, trade, and related fields affecting innovation. These frameworks include not only formal national legal rules, but also multi-level regulatory regimes bridging the global and the local, as well as informal norms, self-regulatory mechanisms, and other forms of knowledge governance.

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