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Recognizing Africa’s role in the global knowledge economy.



ICTS in Agricultural Production and Potential Deployment in Operationalising Geographical Indications in Uganda

Authored by Tesh Dagne and Chidi Oguamanam, the purpose of this study was to explore the role that agricultural information and communication technologies (ICTs)…

Tesh Dagne August 27, 2018

IP Implications for Food Security in Africa

Cross-posted from U of S Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Centre By Uchenna Ugwu  Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I am a PhD student at the University…

Uchenna Ugwu August 10, 2018

Open Data's Effect on Food Security

Agricultural data is a vital resource in the effort to address food insecurity. This data is used across the food-production chain. For example, farmers rely on…

Jeremy de Beer June 21, 2017