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Recognizing Africa’s role in the global knowledge economy.

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La transition vers des villes et des territoires durables le role des collectivities territoriales Africaines

Par Abdelhamid Benhmade En réponse à l’invitation de Cités et Gouvernements Locaux Unis d’Afrique (CGLU Afrique), j’ai eu la possibilité d’assister à…

Hamid Benhmade December 21, 2018

Harnessing Digital Agriculture to Advance African Food Security: Open AIR Research Charts the Way Forward

By Uchenna Felicia Ugwu Achieving global food security will require innovation. Processes like plant phenotyping and technologies like digital imaging are examples…

Uchenna Ugwu June 26, 2018

Open AIR NERGs successfully defend PhD theses

This fall, two Open AIR New and Emerging Researchers Uchenna Ugwu and Sileshi Hirko successfully defended their PhD theses at the University of Ottawa. Food Security…

Victoria Schorr March 1, 2018

Open Data Brings Farmers and Researchers Together

How can farmers and researchers use open data to work together for food security? Open data and other forms of open access to knowledge help facilitate these re…

Jeremiah Baarbe September 25, 2017

Canada’s 2017 Copyright Review: Reflections on the Congress 2017

By Sileshi Hirko  Introduction The last week of May 2017 was a week of great academic activity in Canada, Congress 2017. This event is run by the Federation for…

Sileshi Bedasie Hirko September 21, 2017

Open innovation in development: Integrating theory and practice across open science, open access, and open data

Authored by Jeremy de Beer, this article integrates the concepts of open innovation and open development. It extends the theory of open development beyond the field…

Jeremy de Beer July 26, 2017

Open Data's Effect on Food Security

Agricultural data is a vital resource in the effort to address food insecurity. This data is used across the food-production chain. For example, farmers rely on…

Jeremy de Beer June 21, 2017

Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: Assessing Regional Integration in Africa (ARIA VIII)

Authored by: Caroline Ncube, Tobias Schonwetter, Jeremy de Beer and Chidi Oguamanam. To assist trade policymakers in the development of a framework, this paper explores…

Caroline Ncube May 5, 2017

Open Innovation in Development: Integrating Theory and Practice Across Open Science, Open Education, and Open Data

Authored by: de Beer This article integrates the concepts of open innovation and open development. It extends the theory of open development beyond the field of…

Jeremy de Beer January 26, 2017

Open Data and Ownership at the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) Summit

By Jeremy Baarbé (Picture: courtesy of Drawnalism) Open data has the potential to end global hunger. Farmers, government ministers, NGOs, and private firms gathered…

Jeremiah Baarbe October 3, 2016

How Designing Crops for Global Food Security and Open AIR are Working Together

By Meghan Blom Open AIR aims to understand how open collaborative innovation can help businesses scale up and seize the opportunities of the global knowledge economy.…

Meghan Blom September 26, 2016

Open AIR NERG Attends WIPO-WTO Colloquium

Just last month, I had the opportunity to participate in the 13th WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Teachers of Intellectual Property held at World Intellectual Property Organization…

Victor Nzomo July 26, 2016

Hani Morsi Presents in Cairo

Hani Morsi, an Open AIR Post-Doctoral fellow at the Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) in Cairo, gave a seminar last week entitled “Beyond openness:…

Victoria Schorr March 11, 2016

Open AIR Presents at Fourth Global Congress on IP and the Public Interest

By Victor Nzomo In the midst of two decades of TRIPS and three decades of openness, more than 400 delegates from over 50 countries converged in New Delhi for the…

Victor Nzomo January 15, 2016

Is Creativity and Innovation All About Intellectual Property?

In the recently concluded ‘African Ministerial Conference: Intellectual Property for an Emerging Africa’ organized in part by WIPO (here), one cannot help but…

Samuel Ugwumba December 4, 2015

Open Innovation in Africa: Current Realities, Future Scenarios, and Scalable Solutions

Authored by: de Beer,Armstrong,Elahi,Kraemer-Mbula,Ncube,Oguamanam,Rizk,Rutenberg,Schonwetter,Kawooya

Jeremy de Beer June 1, 2013