Meika Ellis


    Meika Ellis has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and is currently in her third year of uOttawa’s Common Law Program. Her main areas of interest are intellectual property law and health law. Since the second semester of her first year, Meika has been Prof. Jeremy de Beer’s research assistant, with the majority of her work pertaining to the Open AIR network. Meika played an important role in assisting in putting together the SSHRC Partnership Grant for Phase III of Open AIR. This past spring and summer, Meika had the opportunity to work with Professor Timothy Caulfield at the Health Law Institute of the University of Alberta. During her time there, she aided in researching for and editing papers on topics including rare disease policy, organ donation policies, and non-invasive prenatal testing in Canada (to name a few). In her spare time, Meika trains and competes in track cycling.