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Recognizing Africa’s role in the global knowledge economy.

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Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: Assessing Regional Integration in Africa (ARIA VIII)

Authored by: Caroline Ncube, Tobias Schonwetter, Jeremy de Beer and Chidi Oguamanam. To assist trade policymakers in the development of a framework, this paper explores…

Caroline Ncube May 5, 2017

Three Centuries and Counting: The Emergence and Development of Intellectual Property Law in Africa

Authored by: Caroline Ncube This chapter will be published in the Oxford Handbook of Intellectual Property edited by Rochelle Dreyfuss and Justine Pila. It provides…

Caroline Ncube May 1, 2017

Common Misconceptions of Patents in Egypt

Earlier this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) held a two-day workshop on “Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Use the Intellectual…

Mohamed Hosny April 18, 2017

Open AIR East Africa Distinguished Speaker Series: Dr. Henry Mutai on IP, Trade and Regional Integration in Africa

On 10 June 2015, the Agreement establishing a Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) was signed in Egypt bringing together 26 African countries from three major regional…

Victor Nzomo March 23, 2017

Open Innovation in Development: Integrating Theory and Practice Across Open Science, Open Education, and Open Data

Authored by: de Beer This article integrates the concepts of open innovation and open development. It extends the theory of open development beyond the field of…

Jeremy de Beer January 26, 2017

Open AIR Students Present at Carleton's Institute of African Studies

Back in October 2016, three of our Open AIR Research Fellows had the unique and rewarding opportunity to participate in the Second Annual Institute of African Studies…

Jeremiah Baarbe January 25, 2017

Professor Carys Craig Infuses the Open Access Movement with Feminism at the University of Ottawa

Is intellectual property (IP) gender neutral? No. Neither is the dominant discourse on innovation. Recognizing this bias is the first step toward remedying it.

Meika Ellis November 30, 2016

Meet Open AIR’s New and Emerging Researchers Group (NERG)

First Stop, the American University in Cairo By the AUC New and Emerging Research Group and Meika Ellis Under the masterful guidance of our North African hub leader,…

Meika Ellis November 2, 2016

Les défis d’étendre Open AIR dans des pays africains francophones

Le travail panafricain comprend plusieurs défis, entre autre la grandeur du continent, sa diversité, les différences juridiques, et la complexité des langues.…

Emily Cumbaa September 22, 2016

Ownership of Open Data (GODAN Summit 2016)

Open agricultural and nutritional data can play a vital role in addressing global challenges of food insecurity, health crises, climate change, and poverty.

Jeremy de Beer September 15, 2016

Inclusive Innovation: Lessons from Africa for the World’s ICT Policymakers

Information communication technologies (ICT) can play a crucial role in promoting development, making societies more just, equitable, and inclusive of marginalized…

Jeremy de Beer September 9, 2016