Regulation for Innovation Scoping Study Report

This scoping study report, commissioned by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), scopes and builds towards a new research agenda on the regulation of innovation. It supports the development of a collaborative research programme to improve the regulation of innovations in priority areas including health, the digital economy, and clean technology.

Scaling Innovation: How Open Collaborative Models Help Scale Africa’s Knowledge-Based Enterprises

Drawing from more than 20 case studies of open, collaborative innovation in Africa, Open AIR has identified numerous dimensions of, and approaches to, enterprise-scaling. These case study findings are the core of Open AIR’s newest report, Scaling Innovation: How Open Collaborative Models Help Scale Africa s Knowledge-based Enterprises.

Knowledge and Innovation in Africa: Scenarios for the Future

This 2013 book is the product of three years of literature reviews, expert interviews and scenario-building exercises by the Open AIR network. The authors trace the contours of knowledge and innovation in Africa from the founding civilisations to today’s current realities, and then set out the drivers of change that can be expected to shape innovation systems on the continent between now and the year 2035.