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Recognizing Africa’s role in the global knowledge economy.

Welcome to Open African Innovation Research

Where we are committed to recognizing Africa's role in the global knowledge economy and discovering which knowledge governance policies will best ensure that the social and economic benefits of innovation are shared inclusively.

Recent Activity at Open AIR

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The absence of gender analysis in AI and its implications for Africa: with perspectives from WomENG

By Akkila Thirukesan Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been an exciting tool for development across the continent of Africa. But what does AI have to do with…

Akkila Thirukesan December 1, 2019


Par Aboubacry Kane Aujourd’hui, les femmes entrepreneures sont de plus en plus présentes sur la scène économique au Sénégal. Bien qu’elles s’engagent…

Open AIR November 29, 2019

Bridging the Gender Gap between contributions to STEM Fields and their participation in Canadian IP Regimes: A Research Analysis

By Natalie Chodoriwsky The Government of Canada’s 2019 Intellectual Property Strategy has committed to “conducting IP awareness and use survey to identify…

Open AIR November 27, 2019

African Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By Chidi Oguamanam The third industrial revolution (3IR) provided perhaps the most significant insights into Africa’s potential to fast-track its sustainable development.…

Chidi Oguamanam November 19, 2019

Climate Change Injustice: Technology, Innovation and the Politics of Climate Change

By Olanrewaju A. Fagbohun, Ph.D, SAN In charting a future course where the goal is about equitable and democratic end to fossil fuel production, we may begin…

Open AIR November 6, 2019

AFCTFA: A Potential Boost for African Economies

By Eslam Shaaban In March 2018, the African Continent Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA) was unveiled as the world’s largest free trade area since the creation…

Eslam Shaaban October 29, 2019

Annual Report 2018

Since its inception more than a decade ago, Open AIR has created capacity at four African hubs and evolved into one of Africa’s most unique and credible voices on IP and innovation issues. Open AIR’s evolution is a result of its studies across several economic sectors and areas of IP, which have continuously grown in breadth and depth. This, combined with ongoing training of network members, has resulted in significantly increased capacity among our researchers, including emerging African scholars who joined Open AIR as Research Fellows, as well as African policy and issue leaders, and African innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs.

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